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Hamilton Farms Premium Angus Beef



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Every steak lovers dream! Our steaks have great marbling to create tremendous amount of flavour.

New York - approx. 23oz

Tenderloin - approx. 8-11oz

Rib-Eye - approx. 24oz

Flank - approx. 40oz

Flat Iron - approx. 16oz

Denver - approx. 15oz

Sirloin - approx. 25oz

Skirt - approx. 16oz

Tri Tip - approx. 11oz

Cross-Rib - approx. 10oz

Chuck Tender - approx. 20oz

Tomahawk - approx. 40oz

T-Bone - approx. 34oz

Bavette - approx. 36oz

Seasoned Eye of Round - approx. 14oz


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