How do I order?

Please place your order through our website under 'shop now' please read our important information under 'pick-up'. If you have any questions/concerns do not hesitate to drop us an email at premiumbeef@hamiltonfarms.ca

**If you would like to order a whole, half or quarter beef, please email us at angus@hamiltonfarms.ca

Where is my beef coming from?

Our beef is all raised locally! Our beef is harvested either directly from the Hamilton Farms herd or it is hand picked from superior producers that have incorporated our genetics heavily into their own herd. We have a very strict selection process for the beef that comes through our program to ensure we only provide the best when it comes to quality, sustainability, flavor, marbling, and beef grading. 

Do you practice humane animal care?

We practice what we preach, and we preach respect, care, and love to the animals and the land. For us, it's plain and simple, treat the animals as you would like to be treated. Our team is committed to ensuring the absolute highest standards when it comes to nutrition, health, and housing of our animals. We believe if we take care of them, they will take care of our family and our customers! 

What does the animal’s diet consist of?

Our cattle are raised on forage-based diets, where they will graze native pastures through the summer months and return to the ranch over the winter months where they will be fed a very precise foraged based ration created from our nutritionist. This ratio consists of silage, chopped hay, mixed minerals and vitamins. We do add rolled grain such a barley to this ration to add some nice marbling and flavour to the beef, and to also give the cattle more energy to keep warm in our lovely Alberta winters!

Where/ How is your beef processed?

We keep everything done locally to support our neighbours! Currently we have cattle on feed at a number of specially selected places, to ensure the quality of your beef before being processed!  The beef is processed at Meat Chop in Penhold, into quarters, halves, and whole beefs. The beef is vacuum sealed in clear packing and packed frozen into boxes.