our family farm.

The Hamilton family has a long history in Canadian Agriculture stemming back over 100 years ago when Rob’s Grandfather homesteaded near Innisfail, Alberta. Fast-forward to 1981, and the Hamilton Farms cowherd that you can see today was established with a small Purebred Black Angus herd. As the family and the herd grew, Rob & Gail decided it was time to put down some roots and start their own ranch. In 1992 they purchased a bare quarter of land in the scenic foothills northwest of Calgary, Alberta, where they would raise their three sons, Wyatt, Wacey, and Joel. The boys were all very involved in the family farm and other endeavours such as 4-H and hockey. 
Wyatt was fortunate enough to earn a scholarship through hockey where he attended the prestigious Sauder Business School at the University of British Columbia. This lead seamlessly into his long career in the oil and gas industry that we love and support here in Alberta.  Wyatt currently resides in Calgary with his wife, Stacey, and daughter Lennon.
Wacey was also very fortunate to make a living for more then 10 years playing professional hockey at the AHL level. Wacey played for both the Ottawa Senators, and the Vancouver Canucks affiliate organizations. After a long career Wacey retired from professional hockey and moved his wife Carlye, and daughters Romee, and Oshie, to Medicine Hat, Alberta. Wacey makes a living as a tradesman for Carlye’s family business.
Joel’s story is very similar to his brothers. After playing hockey at the WHL level he went on to earn his university education before he returned to the family farm. Joel and his wife Taylor moved a house onto the family farm in 2017 and continue to work full time at the ranch. Taylor and Joel also run all of the social media and marketing at the ranch. Joel plans to continue growing the farm into a generational ranch. 
Rob & Gail are full time farmers and ranchers. Rob oversees all operations that occur with both the cattle and the farming. Rob also leads the operation when it comes to planting, harvesting and all things crops. Gail is the beating heart of the operation, and after meeting her, you will see why. She eats, sleeps, and breathes all things cattle. She handles all breeding, weaning, calving, vaccinations, and health and wellness, and anything else regarding the herd.
Our hired hand, Dave Moon, has been with us for over 7 years now and is responsible for many tasks around the ranch. He is a utility knife as he assists in all operations around the farm. Dave is very handy on a horse and around cattle. Dave and his wife Laura, and kids Dakota, Maysa, and Dyson live in a farmhouse a couple miles north of the ranch.