our beef.


 Feel confident and proud purchasing your beef from our family farm.

For many years raising Black Angus Bulls was the sole venture of Hamilton Farms, but as time wore on, we expanded into other avenues to assist growth of the farm. We introduced a small beef program many years ago at the request of many friends and family that had sampled our beef. The superior genetics and attention to detail that we were investing into our herd for the purpose of raising bulls had also produced very high-quality beef as a bi-product. This jumpstarted the Hamilton Farms beef program, selling in quarters, halves, and whole beefs. All our beef is naturally raised without the use of added hormones or implants. Herd health and welfare is our highest priority, which is why we do use antibiotics to treat animals feeling under the weather, BUT all animals must pass through a withdrawal period before consumption- just like every other beef coming from any rancher or producer in Canada. If you have any questions about this, we would love to clear up any confusion. Our love for our animals and commitment to raising sustainable beef will remain as the main building blocks to our operation.

Home Raised

Aged Minimum 21 Days 

Growth Hormone Free

Antibiotic Free

Quality Guaranteed 

Angus Beef Chart by the American Angus Association